What Modern Recruitment Software Can Do for You

Putting Recruitment Software to Work for You

Your company probably has already invested in computer technology for critical functions such as billing, accounting, payroll, email, and more. You can leverage that investment to implement sophisticated recruitment tools such as Zoho Recruit that make the process more efficient.

Outreach to Prospective Applicants

Modern recruitment software provides tools to build custom career portals that do much more than inform prospects of available positions and requirements for skills and experience. You can tailor your site to reflect your brand message, building relationships with applicants immediately.

Utilize social media recruitment to get the word out to more candidates on popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and job boards.

Standardize the Process

Get rid of disorganized job descriptions with standard templates that are searchable and easily scanned for quick reference. Create your own categories to organize documents, and utilize keywords or other criteria to search multiple resumes quickly and efficiently.

Resumes submitted can be extracted from web sites, parsed into your standard resume format, and organized for efficient review and storage. You can even preview resumes without directly accessing the prospect’s social media profile.

Manage the Recruiting Process End-to-end

From the creation of a new position to final hire, modern recruitment software streamlines the sourcing, review, and hiring process to save your business time and money.

  • Organize and retain all email correspondence related to recruitment in one place to easily track communications with candidates
  • Utilize text messages to connect with your clients and candidates
  • Keep reminders of recruiting tasks, appointments, emails, and more at your fingertips with digital technology

Flexibility and Security

Users of your recruitment system can be assigned roles that control their access to position and candidate information, providing security and control of personal information. Roles can be organized into groups of like functions or customized into categories that suit your business.

You no longer need to be tied to your desk to have access to recruiting statuses or to connect with candidates. Use mobile applications to schedule interviews, follow up on task assignments, and more - anytime, anywhere.

Streamlining Your Recruiting Strategy

Bring your recruiting process into the digital age and replace outdated, inefficient paper processes with integrated workflow and document management functions.

Recruitment software provides your business with many advantages:

  • Simplify manual, repetitive, paper-driven processes
  • Make better use of HR personnel with automated processes and digital organization
  • Source, screen, and onboard candidates faster and more efficiently
  • Save time and money, consistently and securely – reduce your cost per hire