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7 Creative Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners


Creative Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners: Think Outside the Box for Stand-Out Marketing

by Andreas Bünter, Founder GetYourExpert

It’s time to get creative with your small business marketing. Try one of these tips:

1. Tie Your Marketing Campaigns to a Season, Holiday, or Theme

A great way to make your marketing fit the time of year and customer mood: Tie it to the current season or upcoming holiday.

But, don’t feel like you have to go with one of the major holidays, like Thanksgiving or Easter. Instead, look to under-the-radar holidays and celebrations that will lend uniqueness to your campaign. Some ideas:

  • National Marshmallow Toasting Day – August 30
  • Opposite Day – January 25
  • Singles Awareness Day – February 15
  • The Ides of March – March 15
  • Star Wars Day – May 4

You can also create a theme for your marketing campaign and run with it. For example, perhaps a major color associated with your branding or products is purple. You could throw a spontaneous “purple week” where you offer daily discounts and giveaways combined with blog posts tied to all things purple.

To find your own theme, look to your logo, brand name, products, and expertise for inspiration.

2. Build Loyalty to Create Brand Ambassadors

According to the recent report on B2B trends, budgets, and benchmarks from the Content Marketing Institute, putting your audience front-and-center has major benefits.

Specifically, 90% of marketers who put their audience first rather than their company’s promotional message were top-performers. What does this mean for you?

Try marketing that is customer-centric. Put them first, and attempt to be a resource for them. You’ll not only build a pool of customers, but also a league of brand ambassadors who will do a lot of marketing legwork for you (like the ultra-powerful word-of-mouth, which often results in referrals, positive reviews, and recommendations).

3. Host a Giveaway with a Twist

Hosting giveaways is a great way to drum up interest in your small business. However, it seems like everyone on social media has caught on to this fact.

How do you stand out in a sea of giveaways? Host a giveaway with a twist. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure the item up for grabs is desirable (hint: a free branded mug or t-shirt isn’t enticing enough).
  • Make it a contest – ask your followers to come up with an original idea, photo, or invention to win the giveaway. Ask them to post their entries and tag them with a special giveaway hashtag so you can review them all and choose a winner.
  • Crowdsource the giveaway contest You can take the same idea from above and ask your followers to “vote” for their favorite entry with a like or a comment on the post.
  • Offer a surprise giveaway item – In addition to the main giveaway item, offer a “surprise” item that the winner will receive.

4. Offer a Referral Program

Referral programs are gifts that keep on giving. That’s because they drive customer action in the form of recommendations from one customer to a potential customer.

Referral programs especially are excellent for helping new customers find you. A base of trust will already be there because someone the prospect knows personally gave them that referral.

If you need help creating your referral program, there are software programs out there that can manage all the bits and pieces:

5. Repurpose Old Content

If you’ve been in business for a few years, you probably have old content sitting around on your website, lost in the archives.

Dig in there and resurface it. That old content can be repurposed and republished for instant ROI.

For example, find an old post with a great topic but poor execution. Rewrite it and include more information, better research, and a tone more consistent with your current audience – maybe even create a slide presentation with the main points highlighted, or a graphic to share on social media.

Publish the piece anew on your blog, making sure to note in the text that you updated old content. Best of all, in most cases, it will take you less time to shine up an old piece rather than researching and writing a new post altogether. It’s also a smart way to get more traction on old content that originally went nowhere.

6. Host a Free Webinar or a Class

Another way to build your authority as an expert and get people interested in your small business: Host a free class or webinar that showcases your knowledge.

Teach your audience something specific that will benefit their lives, and they may reward you with signing up to your email list, following you on social media, or even making a purchase.

7. Tell Stories That Resonate

This final creative marketing tip for small business owners is more of a general piece of advice for all of your marketing endeavors.

Don’t just try to promote yourself. Try to tell stories that resonate with people.

  • Talk about the specific problem you’re trying to solve and how you got started
  • Tell your personal story
  • Talk about a customer you really connected with
  • Encourage your audience to share their own stories related to the problem your brand solves

When you tell stories, you aren’t just marketing yourself. You’re becoming part of a larger conversation that can grow in ways you never imagined.

Try These Creative Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners and See What Happens

The top creative marketing tip for small business owners?

Pivot. Do something no one else has tried yet. Find a way to make marketing a natural way to talk to and share with your audience. That’s how your marketing will stand out.