How to Build Your Talent Brand on Social Media

Building Your Brand on Social Media

Your prospective employees are not only using online social media outlets for keeping in touch with friends and family. They’re building business relationships with peers and taking notice of businesses.

This knowledge can help you:

  • Make a positive impression as an amazing place to work
  • Identify with their career goals and salary needs
  • Offer potential for growth and advancement

Social Media Recruitment Strategies

An effective strategy for online recruiting includes marketing your brand to the prospects that will provide the highest return from your presence.

Most professional recruiters today utilize social media to network with peers, post job openings, and screen candidates. There are many essential factors that will enhance your social media recruiting success.

Below, we’ve listed some of our top tips for you:

  • Provide a strong message of your commitment to both customers and employees.
  • Present your products and services in a positive light, including video, photos, and illustrations.
  • Make your social media sites interesting and easy to share with others, including the use of meaningful, dynamic Twitter hashtags.
  • Provide search functions that allow prospects to find positions that apply to their skillset or location requirements.
  • Don’t leave out any potential platforms. Most companies, many professionals, and many job-seekers utilize LinkedIn specifically for business and recruiting purposes. Facebook is also a really good option, and Pinterest is growing rapidly in popularity for recruiting.
  • Make the most of your content. Sites such as LinkedIn are searchable through Google and other search engines. Include keywords in your descriptions that are likely to maximize search engine results.
  • Check out the competition. Search social media sites for similar businesses, you may get some tips on enhancing your own presence and social media content.
  • Use technology tools Many social media sites provide tools that will help you track what topics are producing the highest level of interest among viewers. Use this information to enhance content that is less popular, and to gauge that which is attracting activity.

Creating Your Social Media Policy

An essential factor in your recruiting strategy is the creation of a formal social media policy for your company.

This should include:

  • Type of content to be placed on sites
  • Statement of privacy and information use
  • Creation of a consistent company/brand message across multiple channels
  • Policies for security and legal notices to be provided on social media

Your policy should be reviewed and updated regularly for changes related to content, accountability, and legal concerns.

Benefits of an Effective Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Implementing a formal, coordinated recruiting strategy powered by social media platforms will yield meaningful benefits to your business, both within your own human resource team, and in the quality of new hires.

It will provide you:

  • HR efficiency – less time sourcing candidates for each position
  • Better focus and secure organization of information that includes contact information, resumes, and other personal information
  • Better brand and company identity – your social media content is your most public and easily attainable source for information about your company, employees, and available positions