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How to Build Your Talent Brand on Social Media

Social media recruitment has taken its place as a premier method of locating, screening, and hiring the talent companies are seeking.

With the incredible reach of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, you can create an online presence that attracts real talent for a wide variety of positions - from skilled labor to board-level executives. Social media marketing must now be considered a primary element of successful recruiting strategies.

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What Modern Recruitment Software Can Do for You

Attracting and recruiting the right talents for your business is one of the most important core functions of creating and growing a successful company.

It makes no difference if your company employs ten or ten-thousand individuals – finding skills and experience that match your needs is rewarding, yet costly and time-consuming.

How can you make the process more productive, while also reducing the demand on existing personnel?

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How to Start an Effective Outreach Program - With a Message that Really Works

Businesses across all industries and service sectors are reaching out to prospective customers and future markets through social media outlets. It’s not just large enterprises that are extending their brands through digital outreach, but small and mid-size businesses, as well.

Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more are your digital opportunity to sell your brand, products, services, and opportunities to a global audience.

How do you ensure your social media presence portrays a message that works for you?

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How to Measure Your Recruitment Success

Recruiting appropriate candidates for your company is a strategic element in creating a successful, thriving business.

Like most companies, you have probably spent a great deal of effort in creating a viable recruiting strategy that includes multiple channels for ultimate recruiting success:

• Print and media advertising (newspapers, television, radio)
• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)
• Company websites and applicant portals

Each of these methods offers its own benefits from a cost/results viewpoint, but how do you know if your recruiting strategy is effectively aligned with your audience to ensure real recruiting success?

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5 Local Small Business Marketing Tips

It’s extremely likely customers are searching for your small business online. Are you there for them, or are you nowhere to be found?
If the answer is the latter, you’re in trouble. When customers are on the go, they expect to be able to do a quick internet search to find a business, check store hours, find a business phone number or website, and read reviews.

According to a Go-Globe survey, 87% of smartphone owners do at least one web search every day. Additionally, 50% of consumers searching for local businesses on their smartphones end up visiting a physical store within one day.

Local small business marketing involves several major tactics that will help boost your presence on the web and make it easy for customers to find you right when they need you.

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How to Optimize Your Small Business Marketing Budget

Fact: Small business failure often happens because of budget mismanagement.

Case in point: CBInsights looked at 101 failed start-ups and figured out the top reasons why these businesses sunk. Budget and pricing problems were among the top 5 issues, including running out of cash (29% of all start-ups surveyed) and pricing/cost issues (18%).

To avoid this slippery slope, you need to optimize your small business marketing budget. You need to ensure you spend your money wisely, invest in what works, and plan your budget so you can hit your marketing goals.

These 5 tips will help you make it happen.

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