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Effective Contract Negotiation for Business People

Whether you’re a C-suite business professional, a stay-at-home mom, an all-star athlete, or even a self-employed clown that performs at children’s birthday parties on the weekends, chances are you’re going to have to negotiate at some point in your life.

So, no matter what you’re negotiating or the severity of the stakes involved, this eBook will serve as your guide through this delicate and crucial process.

Special Report
Recruitment Trends

This report provides insight into recruiting trends that will:

  • Maximize the efficiency of your HR team
  • Reduce the cost of sourcing and onboarding new hires
  • Extend the outreach of your recruiting efforts
  • Guide you in building your talent brand image
  • Explain how sophisticated tools can transform your recruiting strategy
  • Help you measure the success of your recruitment efforts

The latest Special Report:

How to Lower Printer Costs Infrastructure and Operations Massively and Release Money for Operations