Marketing and Sales to C-Level People: 3 Major Finding and Actions You Can Take Now

Let me briefly comment on the topic of marketing & sales. Regardless of whether you are the sole proprietor or if you are building a company with a revenue of more than 1 million annually with the goal of later selling it (this was my aim). As a start-up in the 90’s, I wanted to grow to reach a crucial size. As an established entrepreneur and founder, I had to at least replace the completed projects.  
At the time I analyzed my situation and come to the conclusion: "I hat sales". This resulted in the situation that I only “did” sales & marketing when the last projects were settled since it was high time for a fresh supply of projects. Since everyone else was doing the same, I was convinced that I was doing it right. A big mistake that limited my company to triviality.  

That’s what I learnt from suffering, succeeding, read how-to business books: You will agree on the fact that marketing to corporates is about getting into the targets office for a one-to-one dialogue. To sell a meeting is the first task. From very successful consultants and in many business you will hear and read that ‘word of mouth’, ‘reference calls’, ‘referrals’ are the most effective ways of getting into the office. Warm and hot contacts fires there business. Nice. But there is a huge BUT: Most likely this does not yet work the way you like.   To be honest, the client base is probably not yet there to get you ‘referrals’? You want more clients, but these do not yet know yourself? It was the same with me. I had to set-up a marketing system that works with cold contacts, too. Something that works, which fits into my daily calendar.  
This is a short check lists of tasks, I propose you to get into your daily flow of tasks to acquire the number clients you deserve, to get a good sleep at night and financial reserves for your low billing months, supporting your family with a few bucks and your pension:   
  1. Decide on what type of marketing you really like (it must not be love) to do. What communication highway you want to use: Direct Contact & Follow Up; Public Speaking; Writing & Publications; Advertising (Social). 
  1. Defined what kind of minimum activity you need to do to get the wished number of clients per quarter, month, year. The minimum activity you need to take is calculated on the basis of your conversion ratio. This ratio means for example: 40 Calls lead to 4 personal meetings, two 2nd and third meetings, an offering process, which leads to 1 client. If you want to achieve 2 clients per quarter you need to have 8 first personal meetings, etc. This simple calculation does NOT take into account the time your prospect needs to flow through the sales funnel (the decision making time)  
  1. The most effective strategies for consultants are: Direct Contact, Direct Contact, Direct Contact.