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3 Effective Consulting Pricing Strategies and How To Get It Implemented

That is what I hear most often: “My potential clients calculate their target price for my services like this: How many hours / days will he / she need, multiplied by a certain hourly rate that one has heard from friends in c-level positions, equals expected execution costs, plus profit margin, equals price. As most prospective clients have initially no idea about the number of hours needed to finish the job (they know WHEN the result has to be there) they start optimizing their costs by negotiating the hourly rate. This is your profit-limiter number one!
In case you want to get to a satisfactory level of income (fast) or in case you must you’re your business, there are only three ways to grow a business, most probably you have read this formulas in a business book orheard this already from a friendly competitor. As a start for yoursituation analysis take these facts:  Increasethenumberofcustomers

Marketing and Sales to C-Level People: 3 Major Finding and Actions You Can Take Now

Let me briefly comment on the topic of marketing & sales. Regardless of whether you are the sole proprietor or if you are building a company with a revenue of more than 1 million annually with the goal of later selling it (this was my aim). As a start-up in the 90’s,I wanted to grow to reach a crucial size. As an established entrepreneur and founder, I had to at least replace the completed projects.  At the time I analyzed my situation and come to the conclusion:"I hat sales". This resulted in the situation that I only “did” sales & marketing when the last projects were settled since it was high time for a fresh supply of projects. Since everyone else was doing the same, I was convinced that I was doing it right. A big mistake that limited my company to triviality.
That’s what I learnt from suffering, succeeding, read how-to business books: You will agree on the fact thatmarketing