Directmarketing: Strong CTA words are like gold

Recently, I posted a message about CTA's (Call to Action) in one of  Ramit's (I will teach you to be rich) Accelerator Student Groups. Diana wrote me a message and asked me to be more specific and explain how this CTA is going to help you. Super CTA's are a gold mine.

Let me summarize it regarding just one CTA - my favorit for selling individual gratis assessments on efficiency / cost improvements as a starting point - to a very busy c-level person. I wanted to motivate him/her to book an initial assessment to a get into a dialogue about new perspectives.

The word "exclusivity" is a word my prospects wanted to hear and reacted to - in combination with "reserve your spot now" to get action. Some told me, that they are always overwhelmed in terms of priorities, what to do next, what is of interest for them, what is in for them, how much time they need to invest to get it, etc. But they like to hear from an expert another view on their business, in what ever context it may help.

With that CTA I try to open a dialogue and offer them a unique, gratis, exclusive initial feedback from a real person to give them a different perspective. Sure, I wondered whether this would kill my e-mail inbox and calender. But it did not. The people who asked were the right clients at the end. Hope that helps you defining magnetic CTA's in your e-Mails and letter mailings. Have Fun, Andreas Buenter.